Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jenna's 25th & a sneak peak of Jackson's 1st Birthday!

The end of summer is approaching way too fast, not that it means much to me being a full time slave to the man. It does mean a lot of my friends that I have been enjoying having around are going back to school. =( But it's not all bad, got plenty more fun cakes to create, and lots more in the future to look forward to... =)

My good friend Kim asked me last week to make a birthday cake for her sister's 25th, and even with the late notice I agreed to do it because I thought it would be fun. Jenna loves the color red, and enjoys all types of music, and also likes skulls and crossbones (who wouldn't?) So this cake was just a fun mix of all the things Jenna loves.

Jenna's cake was made from funfetti and white cake, the white cake layer dyed red, and vanilla buttercream icing.

Next for this week I have to make two cakes and 75 cupcakes... and also deliver to Connecticut for my good friend Kristen's son's 1st birthday party! So I have a lot of work ahead of me. But here is a little sneak peak of Jackson's cake!!!

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