Monday, November 14, 2011

60th Birthday Animal Print Cake

Right after I finished the Hawaiian themed cake, I had to start baking and creating this next cake. This was for a friend of mine that I went to college with, she wanted to have something special for her aunt's big birthday. The top tier of the cake is kind of abstract zebra print, and the flavor of the cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing. And the bottom tier is vanilla cake with a cream puff filling.

Hawaiian Cake

Timmy and his coworkers planned a surprise wedding shower for another coworker who got married last week, and their honeymoon plans were to go to hawaii. They decided to get her a hawaiian themed wedding shower cake, and here it is.
The cake was vanilla, and the icing was vanilla buttercream.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope it's filled with tricks-n-treats, and some scares here and there!
This cake was actually made for saturday, but I wanted to wait until today to post the photos on here since it's a halloween themed cake, and today is halloween!

My friend Drew asked me to make a Nightmare Before Christmas cake for his friend for a halloween party, and I literally jumped up and down with excitement since I have been waiting for someone to order a halloween themed cake! It's my favorite holiday, i love being scared, i love dressing up, and love the zombies and ghouls!

The cake is chocolate and vanilla marble with chocolate chips, and a chocolate peanut butter icing.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday!

The last cake I had in the week of 4, was for my sister in law Courtney's 30th birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner and then ending up at my parents house for some cake, and spending some quality time together, and playing with my nephew of course. =)

Court's cake was vanilla funfetti, and vanilla buttercream icing.

Happy 30th Court!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Birthday Cake

As I was running around this week working on the other three cakes my friend Andrew calls me up and asks me to make his girlfriend a birthday cake. So of course I had to say yes, it's no fun to not be running around like a crazy woman in the kitchen. And I like a challenge.

So here it is, Katie's Fall themed birthday cake!
The cake is chocolate with a kitkat filling, and vanilla buttercream icing.

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

Butterfly Cake

Next up we have a Birthday cake for a friend's grandmother.
The cake is triple chocolate fudge with cream cheese icing.

Angry Birds 30th birthday cake

This past week was a very busy one for caking! I had 4 different cakes to keep me occupied. This one was for my sister in law's older brother who turned 30! He loves angry birds, so we did a simple angry birds cake for him while he was in jersey visiting.
The cake is triple chocolate fudge with chocolate icing

Happy 30th Birthday George!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scuba Diving-40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This past week I have been sculpting sea rocks, anemones and scuba divers for a 40th wedding anniversary cake. I enjoyed it very much, and the sting rays might be my favorite part, but it's a toss up between them and the crabs. The cake was alternating vanilla and chocolate with oreo buttercream filling.