Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Sugar Skulls...

These next three paintings were displayed in the art show at my school, kind of as a triptych. Each skull has a different design, and color.

The purple skull I gave away to a friend who was transferring schools. The other two i still have, and i will soon be painting a new one to replace the purple one.

medium: acrylic on canvas board

Dried out Flowers + Acrylic

Back in the day I liked to use flowers after they were dried out and make paintings with them. This painting is one of the only ones that has actually survived. It's really hard to keep them in good condition without framing them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sugar Skull Tattoo

This painting was made for my friend Alaina. She had just gotten this tattooed on her foot, and wanted a painting of it.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas board

This is it framed

and here is a pic of her tattoo.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Two Layered Halloween Treat

When it comes to choosing between a trick or a treat, I say treat!
I made this cake for my parents on Halloween. Once it's no longer acceptable to go trick or treating you have to find other ways to spend your time on Halloween.

This is not my favorite cake, but it's simple and cute, and it was delicious.

This was the first attempt at a two layer cake with a filling. Straight vanilla cake, with a raspberry filling, and butter cream icing.

Bang Gun

I made this painting for an art class, and it was displayed in the art show at the college I attend.

Tattoo, or "flash" art is something I am interested in, and that's how I came to create this piece. The bright colors, and shading of flash makes for very fun paintings.

Medium: Oil & Acrylic paint on canvas board.

I am not a huge fan of oil paint, I managed to smear this painting a lot throughout the process. I am more of an acrylic kind of girl.

Rockin' Out, Guitar Hero Style

Who doesn't like Guitar Hero? These next two cakes were created for my boyfriend Tim, a huge fan of GH. I threw him a surprise party (even though he hates surprises,) and the surprise part wasn't enough for me, so I baked.

I again used the acoustic guitar cake pan, but this time I cut and pasted the cake into these guitar hero shaped guitars.
Again it is a butter cream icing, with black cake sparkles, funfetti cake, and cool star candles. (For Star Power!)

To say the least the cakes were a big hit.

Senses Fail

This painting was created thanks to a Senses Fail cd I was listening to at the time.
The side portion of the painting is Pink Floyd imagery, and lyrics.

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Sweet Music

Most of my cakes are inspired by mine and my boyfriend's interests, so it only makes sense that musical themed cakes would make up a lot of my cake portfolio.

For this cake I used a Wilton's acoustic guitar cake pan.
I was afraid to cut the cake myself, and the cake pan was a quick fix.

Buttercream icing, with black and purple cake sparkles, and the cake is funfetti. (a personal favorite)

Passion for Pink

I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd. This is one of a few Pink Floyd paintings I have done.

Acrylic on canvas board

My apologies for the blurry quality of the photo. This painting was a gift for a friend, and I forgot to take a picture before sending it.

Hawaiian Themed Surprise

My best friend's mom called me up and told me she was throwing a surprise party for her daughter. I happily volunteered to make the cake.

Another view of the cake

This cake is along the same lines as the pirate cake. Buttercream icing, piping gel, and brown sugar. I used fondant for the first time on the flowers, I think they are ok for a first time, but I am still working on perfecting my fondant skills.

More Pirates...

Keeping with the theme of my last post, here's a pirate painting.
Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Not exactly sure of the size, but it's a large painting.

Pirate Cake....Arrrr

This is my first cake ever. I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend for his birthday. Something different. So I took his love for pirates, and my creativity, and voila...cake.

Pretty generic, funfetti cake, buttercream icing. Piping gel for the water, and some brown sugar for the sand effect.

and the happy recipient..