Monday, October 04, 2010

3 weeks

So this is about a week late.. so technically 2 weeks. I decided not too long ago, that as well as making cakes, and doing other things in my life that make me truly happy, I wanted to experience a profession I have always been interested in, bartending. Now I know I am 24 and this is the time in my life where I am supposed to be "growing up," but after continuous let downs, I have decided that I am just going to grab life by the horns, and experience what makes me happy, and if it's immature of me to do be it.

With that being said.. I am taking a three week hiatus from cake work to go to bartending school. My first week was awesome, and as I begin the 2nd week I am truly looking forward to learning more. The reason why I have to take a short hiatus from cakes is because classes start literally right as I get off of work, so I run from work to school... and then run home, and usually I get home at about 10:30 at night, really leaving no time to work on anything.

I will be working on a small cake for family on the 13th... so as much as i wanted this to be a complete three week break.. it's really not happening.. =)

But you will be glad to hear I already I have an order for the week I am done bartending school, and I am looking forward to having more soon after! So as always, please contact me if you're interested in some edible art work. I will be officially back at it October 16th, so if you have an event after this date please do not hesitate to contact me!!!!!