Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink & Gray Baby Shower

A good friend of Timmys who works at the gym in his company is having a baby, and she asked me to make her baby shower cake. =) Very excited to make three cakes in three weeks while starting a new job.. it was really a test of my sanity! But I completed all three and had very happy customers. Congratulations to Katie! Cant wait to see photos of the little bundle of joy.

Fancy Black & White Cake

I had a request for a fancy paisley black and white cake for a classy lady who likes to shop, loves high heels, and just being a girly girl! The cake was layered chocolate and vanilla with oreo icing.

90th Birthday

Timmys grandmom recently celebrated her 90th birthday! Crazy! We had a big celebration surprise for her, and they asked me to make the cake for the party =) So i made a bookworm and scrabble cake! Happy 90th Rita!!!!

Pink Floyd

My big sister from my sorority asked me to make her dad a Pink Floyd cake since we all love Pink Floyd. I was super excited to do this cake for her. I spent a lot of time on this bad boy trying to make it look absolutely perfect. (unfortunately there were some heat issues.. and some filling issues... but it still ended up looking awesome!) The cake was vanilla with vanilla icing, strawberry filling and fresh strawberries. Happy Birthday Mr Pfaff!