Friday, July 23, 2010

Congratulations Denise!!!!

Next we have a Giant Cupcake cake for Denise's High school Graduation! This cake was a little bit of a pain because the POWER WENT OUT!!!!!!! Yes that's right, the power was out from a huge storm that week, so it caused some heat issues, and light issues for working on the cake! I had completely finished the cake, and had stored it over night, and in the morning my mom woke me up to tell me the cake was sliding backwards! AND to make matters worse all the fondant I had used to make the bottom look like cupcake paper had slid and cracked. Good thing my mom woke me up early, and delivery wasn't for several hours. I managed to fix it, and in my opinion made it look better then the first time around. So congratulations again Denise! Hope you enjoyed your giant pink and orange cupcake!

those are all the before I fixed it shots. As you can see in the last photo the fondant was falling down and bunching at the bottom

Denise's cake was made of funfetti cakes, and orange and hot pink dyed white cake, with Chocolate buttercream icing.

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