Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nifty Fifty

Finally, after some waiting, and is the fabulous fiftieth birthday cake. The photos will pretty much take you through most of the process.

This first Photo is the bottom tier freshly covered with fondant. (underneath the fondant is a delicious double chocolate chip peanut butter cream frosting, and red velvet cake. yum)

Next, we have hand made fondant zebra stripes for the second tier of the cake.

And some stars for the top tier...

The next two photos are the bottom tier getting snazzed up with some circle cut outs.

The top tier cut, and covered.

Side view of the top layer. (this layer has chocolate chip butter cream icing and red velvet cake)

The next three photos show the application of the diamond fondant cut outs for the top tier.

The finished top tier.

The zebra tier, which is the middle tier of the cake. (peanut butter cream icing and funfetti cake)

Finally putting all the pieces together..

The final product at my house, and in the car getting delivered.

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