Friday, September 25, 2009

Buttercream Ipod Cake

My boyfriend Tim really wanted a new Ipod for his birthday, like an actual big ipod that holds thousands of songs he may never ever get a chance to listen to. So instead of actually buying him one, I made a giant sheet cake in the shape of an ipod with some side treats from some of his favorite bands. (I made my parents and my brother give him giftcards to best buy so he could actually go and get an ipod. And the cake wasn't his only present)

This first picture is the Green Day Grenade Heart. It's made out of rice krispy treats covered with gum paste, and hand painted with food coloring.

You can never go wrong with the Beatles Yellow Submarine. Made from the same stuff as the heart, and again hand painted with food coloring.

Full view of the cake. It was huge... two sheet cakes laid on top of one another. The top icing is vanilla buttercream, the filling was chocolate peanut butter cream, and the cake was funfetti

This little guy was Tim's favorite, because it's from the album art of his favorite band MxPx. He's made out of the same stuff as all the other ones, and hand painted of course.

Top view of the cake.

Tim's thumbs up approval.

A little electric guitar on the side... (looks like Tim's)

After singing and what not, and having some cake, we had to cut the cake in half so timmy could bring some home, and we could have some at our house. So Tim had the bright idea of cutting it right above the wheel, and turning the half he took home into an ipod shuffle. We're so creative.

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