Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Don't Panic"

This week I am working on a two tiered Graduation cake, a small birthday cake, and 50 cupcakes. Did I mention this is for one single order?! So needless to say, I have a lot of work to do, so I got a jump on things this past Sunday, started doing most of the fondant work (50 graduation caps for 50 cupcakes, plus the details for the actual cakes) And during this I had to make my mom a birthday cake because her birthday was on Monday, so I preheat the oven, get everything going, finally get the cake in, and I am happy because I am getting things done in a timely fashion. Mom's cake is finished I ice it, put some fruit on it make it look delicious. Turn off the oven. This is where the trouble starts. I continue to go about my business cutting out squares and putting the caps together. Go to preheat the oven again a few hours later, put the cake in.. and my dad comes in and starts sniffing, "why does it smell like gas in here?" he asks.. Well apparently the oven didn't light up like it's supposed to. Awesome. I of course went into panic mode not knowing what I would possibly do if the oven didn't work for the rest of the week, so of course my first instinct is to start calling friends and planning what night I could come over and borrow their oven to bake and get this cake made.

So last night for my mom's birthday, we got chinese food since she just got surgery and wasn't feeling well enough to go out to dinner, and of course there were fortune cookies. I crack mine open after eating, and check out the fortune "don't panic." Of course at first I was like seriously, that's all the fortune i get? don't panic? it took a couple of minutes to be like, damn.. pretty good fortune considering my oven decided to stop working before i even got to bake anything for this order! I ended up going to my friend's grandmother's house to bake some of the cake last night, and today we're getting our oven fixed as I write this, which is a huge relief! And from here on out, when I even begin to think of freaking out over cake, I will have to remember what my very wise fortune cookie had to say, "don't panic."

Stay tuned for some new photos of this week's cake.
and next week even more new stuff!

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