Friday, January 20, 2012

Bridal Shower Cake

With the holidays and everything else, there has been a lack of caking, but I hope now that they are over it will go back to being a crazy time managing cakes and everything else! It feels good to be back to baking, and making yummy treats.

My friend LP asked me to make this cake for her friends bridal shower. They really liked the West Virginia bow cake i had made previously, but they wanted to add their own spin to it with roses and lillies and hearts. I was excited to make this cake because they wanted a very dense flour-less chocolate cake, and having never made one before I was worried at the same time. The cake turned out to be almost brownie like in texture because the top hardens a bit, and the inside stays nice and moist. So it is def. something I will try out again in the future because the response was great.

Hope the Shower was great!

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