Monday, November 01, 2010

Ben 10 & another 50th!

Been pretty busy lately, finished bartending school, now looking for a job..and just did two new cakes, and have another two in two weeks.

The first cake is from a cartoon show called Ben 10 on cartoon network, and the cake is in the shape of this thing he wears on his wrist.

The cake was a very chocolate cake, with chocolate icing as well!

Next we have a cake for my friend Vickie's mom's 50th, or Golden Annversary =) Her favorite color is yellow, and she also asked for the baby blue color as well, and pretty much gave me the freedom to do whatever...

The cake was homemade funfetti, with oreo icing, and the present on top is made from rice krispie treats

Happy Birthday Thomas and Mrs. DeCicco!!!!!!!

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