Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I really want to buy my boyfriend Tim a new MacBook because he has had his now for about four years, and it's the old white one, and it's kind of falling apart. The screen has been weird for a little bit where it won't come on when he opens the laptop, and recently he cracked the screen a little bit. So he really is in need of getting it fixed or getting a new one... unfortunately right now I can't afford to be getting laptops for birthdays. (however I did get him a really sweet Bose ipod speaker) So while I couldn't get the new laptop, i figured it would be just as good made out of cake... (it's the thought that counts.)

This picture shows the cake not quite finished but in the MacBook box. I had to make sure it would fit.

A little side view of the cake, this is where the charger, any usb cables, and headphones would be plugged in.

Another top view of the cake out of the box.

This view is the cake in the box with the litle ipod I made to go with it. Not exactly thrilled with how the Ipod came out, but I was rushed because I made this cake entirely in one day, and the little ipod itself is a mini cake. But I still think it looks cute.

Close up detail of the ipod.

The happy birthday boy with his cake (we put all the number candles we could find on the cake because our number 2 candle went missing...)

Tim and the finished product in the "cake box" aka.. the box my laptop came in.

One last shot of the cake in the box.

The cake was just a yellow cake, with Butterscotch Buttercream icing, and covered in fondant.

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